Chair an Online Meeting

  • If you have at least 6 months continuous sobriety and want to do some valuable and rewarding service work, we invite you to chair a Serenity online meeting.
  • Signing up to chair takes about 5 minutes. Just go to
  • Online sign up is a safe and secure process. Your contact information is only visible to 3 admins in the Serenity Online Team (SOT) and will never be shared beyond group communications with our online chairpersons.
  • Sponsors – this is great service work for sponsees with at least 6 months of sobriety!
  • The SOT provides Zoom training and hosting supportincluding highly effective security measures to deter, remove and report disruptors (Zoom Bombers) to the appropriate authorities.

We welcome you to join us in carrying the message online. Please visit our Meetings page for additional information or email the Serenity OnLine Team (SOT) here.